How Can Apple Cider Vinegar Be Used Around the House?

Many people swear by the health benefits associated with including Apple Cider Vinegar in the diet. What some may not realize is how this type of vinegar can be helpful in terms of keeping the house clean. Here are some examples of how to put this product to good use for cleaning as well as nutritional purposes.

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

It’s hard to find any area of the kitchen that can’t be cleaned using a solution made of equal parts of the vinegar and warm water. The result is a product that can be sprayed on glass surfaces like window panes and ensure they shine. The anti-bacterial qualities of the solution also make it ideal for wiping down kitchen counters.

When it comes to cleaning the inside of a microwave oven, this combination is hard to beat. Spray on the solution and leave it in place for a few minutes. It will be easy enough to use a sponge to remove anything most types of grime.

If there is something stubborn clinging to the interior microwave walls, place a cup of the solution in a dish that’s suitable for use in the oven. Heat it for a couple of minutes and then let the vapor from the solution to loosen the caked on splashes. Along with making it easier to ensure the interior is spotless, the vinegar and water combination leaves behind a pleasant scent.

Freshening the Laundry

Adding a single cup of the vinegar to a load of laundry will support the action of the detergent and minimize the potential for fading fabrics. Many people claim that the clothing comes out of the washing machine with a slightly softer feel and that the garments retain that sense of freshness longer. This is true whether the clothing hangs on an outdoor line or is tossed in the dryer.

There are more ways to use this type of vinegar around the house. Spend some time investigating how others put it to good use and avoid the need to purchase cleaning agents full of harsh chemicals. The versatility of the product will ensure that the family keeps a large bottle on hand at all times.

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